Olivier Simard-Casanova

I will graduate as a PhD in economics from the University of Strasbourg during the first semester of 2019. I am currently employed as a data scientist at the Department of law and economics at the University of Lorraine (Nancy, France) until December 2018.

I am actively looking for a data scientist job in the Los Angeles area1) afterwards.

I am a strong advocate for open source scientific software, scientific reproducibility, privacy and inclusiveness in the workplace (notably with respect to LGBTQ people, women and people of color). I also curate a list of tips for economists.


Please visit my LinkedIn profile to know more about my skills.

95% Economics
90% Statistics & data science
95% Communication
90% Management

More details

Meta skills

90% Ability to help define the research question
95% Ability to communicate with non-specialists
95% Surveys
75% Experimental economics
70% Interviews
80% Econometrics
90% Data manipulation
85% Data management
95% R
85% Python
95% Command line (bash + fish)
90% Server management
70% Git
90% Ubuntu
75% SQL
85% PHP
95% HTML
90% CSS
95% LaTeX
75% Ruby

Organizational & leadership

95% Communication
90% Information management
95% Leadership
90% Project management
85% Ability to take decisions
90% Ability to listen
Soft skills
95% Interpersonal skills
80% Creativity
90% Ability to work with people from various background
100% Inclusiveness and diversity
90% Social responsibility
95% Work-life balance

I run a French speaking, partly-paywalled online magazine called Le Signal Économie where I explain economics. My goal is to explain where lies the scientific consensus in economics to the general public.

I love to explain in a simple, but not simplistic, way complicated concepts and ideas to people who were never exposed to them before. I also firmly believe that explaining science is mostly about explaining the process of the scientific work, instead of just explaining results. It’s more convincing to tell the story of a discovery or a result, than just explaining this discovery or result.

I do:

  • Vlogging (YouTube)
  • Writing
  • Podcasting (lenghty interviews with researchers about their works)
  • Data visualisation (mostly with R)
  • Community management on Twitter and YouTube
  • Speeches

I run Le Signal Économie all by myself. The magazine is financially supported by paying subscribers (who get access to exclusive content) and received public funding from the Région Grand Est (East of France).

I also have skills in web hosting (incl. WordPress), web development and server administration (Ubuntu, MySQL and PostgreSQL, Apache and nginx).

Because Twitter is unable to provide a reliable sorting between trustable news sources and trolls during breaking events, I created a list with trusted news sources:


Accounts from the U.S., the E.U., France, the U.K. and Germany.

I do not have a visa yet.
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