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-# Manipulate text variables 
-Many real life databases were not created for scientific or analytic purposes. In other words, they could be dirty/​messy. 
-This page is especially useful if you need to extract or work with string/text variables. 
-## Create a dummy variable based on text 
-Assume you have a string variable, and depending on the presence (or not) of some text, you want to create a new binary variable taking the value 0 or 1. 
-df$dummy <- as.numeric(2) 
-df$dummy[grepl("​a specific string",​ df$varToProcess,​ fixed = TRUE)] <- as.numeric(0) 
-df$dummy[grepl("​another specific string",​ df$varToProcess,​ fixed = TRUE)] <- as.numeric(1) 
-The first line populates the dummy variable with `2`, in order to capture potential errors: if after running this chunk of code, `dummy` still has `2`, it means something went probably wrong somewhere. 
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