After my PhD, I plan to leave academia. But due to my activities as an economics popularizer, I will continue to be scientifically active – though in a really different field than during my PhD.

On top of my ongoing PhD (that I will defend in early 2019), my current scientific program is named “What do economists think?”. It aimed at gathering evidences on the scientific beliefs of economists, in various fields and in various geographical areas.

“What do economists think?” is both a scientific (gathering new knowledge when needed) and an educational project (gathering and disseminating already existing knowledge).

I see “What do economists think?” at the frontier between epistemology, history of economics thought, and data collection (through surveys) and treatment.

I am working on a survey on French economists. I will annonce more on this soon.

“What do economists think?” is an independant research project, with no external or third-party funder. I run it on my spare time.

If you are interested to support it in any way, do not hesitate to contact me.

During my PhD in economics, I worked on non-monetary incentives in the workplace. More precisely, I studied how motivational speeches and transformational leadership interplay with standard monetary incentives in firms.

I used game theory, experimental economics and agent-based computational economics to investigate this research question.

After my PhD, I decided to leave academia.

Please find the PDF version of my scientific resume here.

Work in progress

  • Diffusion of Messages in Organizations with Heterogeneous Agents (2018)
    • Agent-based modelling
  • Does a Motivational Speech Increase Effort? Individual and Team (2016)
  • Managing the “Insides” as a Remedy for Agency Problems? A Model of Transformational Leadership (2013)
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