Research statement

I have decided not to continue in academia. Because of this, I don’t have any reason to write a research statement. But if I had to, I would have worked on the development of agent-based models in economics. More precisely, I would have worked on the epistemology, history and statistical exploitation (through machine learning) of agent-based models.

I am deeply convinced agent-based models can bring a lot of insightful answers to questions that bother economists.

But as interesting this mini research statement might seem, at the end I have realized that staying in academia would have costed me my happiness. Not worth it.


Work in progress

Diffusion of motivational speeches in organizations (2017)

Agent-based modelling

Does a motivational speech increase effort? Individual and team (2016)

Experimental economics, with Jocelyn Donze

Is a motivational speech a good incentive device against free riding in teams? (2014)

Contract theory, with Jocelyn Donze

Full academic resume

Please find the PDF version of my academic resume here. Warning! This resume may be slightly outdated.