Research Statement

I have been trained as an economist who minored in sociology during my undergraduate studies. I am interested in how people interact with and influence each others. More specifically, I am fascinated how an idea, a social norm, an information, etc. spreads within a group of interconnected people.

During my PhD, I have studied the diffusion of motivational messages and norms within organizations. I used game theory, experimental economics and agent-based models.

More recently, I have been more and more convinced that agent-based models are a promising class of models that can significantly enrich the standard economic theory (enrich, not replace). I dedicated a lot of time and effort to train myself 1) to use agent-based models 2) according to the state of the art. I have also started to look at machine learning and similar technics, as I think they will be extremely helpful to study the simulated data produced by agent-based models.

Even if at my core I am an economist, I thrive in multidisciplinary environments: I have extensively worked with computer scientists from the Loria research team and I have taught economics at Mines Nancy, a high-ranking French graduate school of engineering.