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-Teaching+<panel type="​default">​ 
 +====== ​Teaching ​====== 
 +<alert type="​info"​ icon="​fa fa-link">​Short URL for this page: `scasa.co/​teaching`</​alert>​ 
 ~~DISCUSSION:​off~~ ~~DISCUSSION:​off~~
-It is an understatement to say that I am passionate about sharing the good word of economics! 
 <alert type="​info">​ <alert type="​info">​
-  * I taught various econ and math classes for 6 years+  * I taught various econmath and computer science ​classes ​and workshops ​for 6 years
   * I am currently employed as a pedagogical engineer   * I am currently employed as a pedagogical engineer
   * I ran an online economics outreach platform (in French) for three years   * I ran an online economics outreach platform (in French) for three years
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 ### Teaching ### Teaching
-first taught ​undergraduate level econ, math and statistics ​at the Departement ​of economics and management at the University of Strasbourg ​(France) for 3 years.+I taught ​economics since 2012, mostly at departments of economics but also to engineering grad students. I can teach methodological (maths, stats, coding) and thematic classes, to various audiences (econ studentsengineering students, computer science students, junior ​and senior researchers). 
 +#### Bureau of Economic Theory and Applications (Nancy, France) 
 +Those workshops were given for junior and senior econ researchers ​at my research center. 
 +- Introductory R (2018) 
 +- Coding for economics (2017) 
 +#### Graduate School ​of Applied Computer Science (Telecom Nancy), University of Lorraine (Nancy, France) 
 +- Graduate thesis supervision:​ Agent-based modeling applied to economics and finance (2018) 
 +#### Department of Law and Economics, ​University of Lorraine ​(Nancy, ​France) 
 +- Macroeconomics 101 (teaching assistant, 2017) 
 +- Game theory (teaching assistant, 2017) 
 +- Contract theory (teaching assistant, 2017) 
 +#### Graduate School of Engineering (Mines Nancy), University of Lorraine (Nancy, France) 
 +- Introductory economics (teaching assistant, 2015-2017) 
 +- Environmental economics (2015-2017) 
 +- Non-monetary incentives in firms (2016) 
 +- Economics of climate change ​for (2015-2017)
-AfterwardsI was employed as a teaching fellow by the Mines Nancy graduate school ​of engineering ​(University of Lorraine, Nancy, France), one of the top engineering grad school in France. I had the opportunity to explain economics to an audience who was not familiar with the social sciences – and, to be honest, not always interested either… It was a challenge, and I loved it!+#### Departement of Economics and ManagementUniversity ​of Strasbourg ​(Strasbourg, France)
-And then I returned to a more traditional ​teaching ​environmentat the Department of law and economics at the University of Lorraine ​(NancyFrance). I mostly taught game theory and contract theorythe latter to econ grad students.+- Statistics 101 (teaching ​assistant2012-2015) 
 +- Microeconomics 101 (teaching assistant2013) 
 +- Linear algebra (teaching assistant2013) 
 +- Mathematics 101 (teaching assistant, 2013-2015)
 ### Pedagogical engineer ### Pedagogical engineer
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