The wiki you currently read is hosted on a DokuWiki instance.

I've chosen this software because it's simple to install (no database), quite powerful, not-too-slow and extendable (with plugins and themes).

Blogging with DokuWiki is both easy and elegant, and way lighter than using WordPres (or any static website generator like Hugo and whatnot).

  1. Activate the “Show only the first section of included pages” in the configuration
  2. Put an empty title where you want the page break to happen

And that's it! Take that, cumbersome WordPress.


How to disable comments

By default, if you have activated comments on all DokuWiki pages, cleanly disabling comments on a given page requires two steps:

  1. add ~~DISCUSSION:closed~~ to the page and save it
  2. edit it and replace ~~DISCUSSION:closed~~ with ~~DISCUSSION:off~~. This way, you will properly get rid of the “Discussion” title

In order to create a new namespace, use the following syntax in the Root namespace (otherwise it'll create a subnamespace in the one selected):


If a namespace doesn't contain any page, it will be automatically deleted.

More information

To delete a page, edit it, empty it and save it. That's it!

Use ~~NOCACHE~~ in the page.

Use ~~NOTOC~~ in the page where you don't want the TOC to be displayed.

I prefer Markdown to the regular DokuWiki syntax, mostly because 1) I already know Markdown 2) it's more readable.

I prefer to use Markdown instead of the regular DokuWiki syntax. I use Markdowku.

To create an internal link with Markdowku, just use a relative URL: instead of http://wikiurl.domain.tld/page use /page. Markdowku will know it is an internal link, and will treat it as one.

Math in lists

For whatever reason, inline math in a list requires a blank line between each line of the list.

Way display the math in a weird way:

* $x$ is this
* $y$ is that


* $x$ is this

* $y$ is that


I first used this extension. But it wasn't able to color R code, and the syntax, while easy to use, does not follow the already existing DokuWiki <code> tag.

Now I use another plugin, and I prefer it.

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