Write WordPress posts in Word

Word is a great app to write things (yes, I know, but this is what I think! It's powerful, it's versatile, it's present everywhere). And it could be too to write blog posts. But the problem is that copy/pasting text written in Word in the WordPress editor does not usually work. Too often you need to work back on the styling – and I have much others things to do that redoing something I already done in the first place.

Luckily, if you use this plugin, you can solve yourself a lot of headaches!

The idea is simple:

  1. write your post in Word
  2. create a new post on WordPress
  3. import your Word document in the newly created WordPress post
  4. check if the formatting is OK
  5. publish!

If you embed images in your Word document, they will be uploaded in your WordPress post. Super handy!

This will only work in an environment where you can install third-party plugins, i.e. mostly self-hosted WordPress.

  • Use KaTeX (much lighter than MathJax)
  • If you need to rely on images: produce equations with LaTeXiT as JPEG images. Quality may be low, the workaround is to create images of a larger police font and downscale them manually afterwards.
  • If your WordPress posts are forwared to your readers via emails with MailPoet: avoid using inline math. But display equations works quite well! For inline math, use regular caracters, it's working well.
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  • Last modified: 12 months ago
  • by Olivier Simard-Casanova