Gmail-centric email client.

I have the feeling that Airmail was made with supporting Gmail specific features and approach to emails. It will struggle with regular IMAP mailboxes, messing things up.

I do not recommend using Airmail with anything else apart from a Gmail/G Suite account.

Search in Airmail has a lot of potential, but is crippled with some weird or stupid (sorry) implementations.

  • To search all emails with a given label (in Gmail), when the label has a space on its name: label:"label name".
  • To search a nested label, Gmail syntax is: label:parent-child. In Airmail, it is enough to use label:child.
    • If two children have the same name, but with two different parents, search won't work
    • Even worse, if two labels contain the same word (for instance LabelA/Stuff and LabelB/Stuff - Archive), label:stuff will return the emails contained in both labels (or will even break). Renaming Stuff - Archive in Stuff-Archive solves the problem, label:stuff will only list emails contained in LabelA/Stuff1).
  • Gmail search operators, more or less followed by Airmail
  • Search seems kind of broken with a regular, IMAP account. Overall, Airmail is broken when used with an IMAP account
  • I only recommend to use Airmail with a Gmail and/or a G Suite account. With any other provider (IMAP, iCloud, Yahoo!,, Exchange, etc.), there is a fair chance Airmail will mess up your account, so DON'T!
  • Airmail has a really poor documentation, with things scattered in different places. This is even worse considering how weird some implementations are. Luckily, so far the live support has been able to answer all my questions. It means that if you want to use some advanced features, get ready to chat (probably several times) with the support staff

I told you, Airmail has some weird implementation…
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