Inbox triaging

Inbox can rapidly grow into a depressing mess. To avoid that, two types of tool exist, with the same goal in mind: sort your inbox between important emails and the others. What differs is how they work.

The first ones are implemented directly into the email client. For instance, Outlook offers a “Focused Inbox” ( Depending on the platform, it works with any email account, or just with Exchange accounts. While a really good feature, its main drawback is that if you decide to change your email client, you will lose it.

This is where the second set of tool enters the stage: they work server-side, which means they can be used in any email client. I personally use SaneBox ( I have three different inboxes:

  • the actual inbox
  • a Secondary Inbox, for less important professional stuff
  • a Personal Inbox, for personal emails (I only use one account for everything)

SaneBox can be trained, and I can't think of a case where I was pissed or something because SaneBox didn't do the job as intended. Most of the trainings are when SaneBox moves an email into Secondary Inbox where I expect them to be moved into the Personal Inbox – but they are not magicians, so that's OK.

  • Up to 6 DIY folders
  • Expensive

Alternative to Sanebox

  • EmailPet: promising but will shut down in March 2019

Waiting for an answer (SaneNoReplies)

  • To avoid a sent email to be tagged with SaneNoReplies: put FYI (For Your Information), NRN (No Reply Necessary) or NNTR (No Need To Reply) in the subject line.
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