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 +====== HP ePrint ======
 +HP ePrint is a handy service that allows to print documents by sending them to an email address.
 +## HP ePrint and deliverability
 +- HP ePrint expects the domain name to match the SMTP server. Example: if you have a @gmail.com address, ePrint will only print the document if you sent it *via* Gmail'​s SMPT server.
 +  - If this condition isn't met, you may receive an "550 5.7.1 Command rejected"​ error.
 +- If you host your email account to a third party server, for instance G Suite or Office 365, this condition won't (and can't) be met: yourdomain.com is different from gmail.com.
 +  - At least with G Suite, HP ePrint works if SPF, DKIM *and* DMARC are *all* correctly set up.
 +  - You can check if your domain is correctly set up with this: https://​toolbox.googleapps.com/​apps/​checkmx/​
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