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Facebook discovered a few years ago they weren't made for people to consume news and content (

Now that I'm on Mastodon, I wonder if social media in general are really made for editors to share their content? Or maybe just for regular humans?

It feels so refreshing not to have a shit ton of posts on my timeline here…

Generally speaking, being passive consumer of content published on social media leads to unhappiness and/or dissatisfaction. I believe that one of the reasons is because only consuming feels like being alone in a room full of people.

In the upcoming months (up to the end of 2018), I will try to (re)focus my social media more on interactions, and less of non-sense.

I recently (summer 2018) purged my Instagram feed of any person I can't remember who is he or she. I also decided to focus more on interactions, and to unfollow people who do not answer or interact.

In the case of gay men, an issue related to body shaming or similar stuff is also at play on Instagram.

I don't think Twitter is the right place to discuss politics.

Block early, block often. The replies to your tweets are a web forum, and you are the moderator of that forum.

  • Keep the number of people you follow low. Imagine Twitter is like a table of friends in a bar. Even if you're a social person like me, you don't want this table to grow excessively.
  • Deactivate retweets (unfortunately it's on a per account basis, which is another argument in favour of keeping the number of followers low). They seem to fuel anger and controversy. Only have a look at what your follower say or write, not what they “share”.
  • Less tweets in your timeline means more time to think about them. It's calmer, slower, has more meaning, and is basically more interesting as you'll end up having more thoughtful conversations (as long as the person on the other side also wants a thoughtful conversation, of course).

Trustable breaking news

Because Twitter is unable to provide a reliable sorting between trustable news sources and trolls during breaking events, I created a list with trusted news sources:

Accounts from the U.S., the E.U., France, the U.K. and Germany.

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