Password managers

  • 1Password
  • Bitwarden
  • Dashlane
  • LastPass
  • Secrets
  • Enpass

I recommend Bitwarden. It has matured enough to be a viable alternative to 1Password. Plus it's open source, which is better in terms of security as it allows the code to be audited by basically anyone.

In the past I recommended 1Password, but their pricing is just gross. The app is bloated with way too many features of questionnable interest1), and the file management is deplorable. They offer a good workflow though, to add passwords, change passwords, use one-time passwords. I also despise their “we are all good friends sharing love” communication. In one hand they pretend to love their users, in the other hand they insanely increased their prices when they turned their product into a subscription. Cheap talk vs. revealed preferences. I don't want the companies that try to empty my pocket while basically adding no valuable features to their product to pretend to be my “friend”. I don't want my password manager to be my friend, I want my password manager to protect me for a good price. I don't doubt 1Password can protect me, but it is clear that it is not “for a good price”. Sorry.

Dashlane is way too expensive, LastPass is the best option if you want your passwords to be leaked, Enpass is cheap in every possible sense of the word and Secrets is really nice, but is a bit limited in terms of functionalities.

I guess that when you charge so unreasonnable prices, you have to add more and more shit to “justify” your prices.
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