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Connect SourceTree to a Gitlab repository

SourceTree has built-in support for GitHub and Bitbucket. But GitLab is increasingly used (especially since GitHub was acquired by Microsoft).

Configuring SourceTree to work with GitLab is easy. I suppose the “workarounds” explained here work with any Git server — but it should be tested if true or not.

Tested on SourceTree 2.4.1 on macOS.

Clone a repository

I have not tested this, but it should work. Use at your own risks!

  • Step 1: Click on + New Repository > Clone from URL
  • Step 2: In Source URL use GitLab URL prepended by your GitLab user name (see below)


Pull an existing repository

  • In your repo in SourceTree, go to Settings > Remotes
  • Click Add
  • In URL / path, use GitLab URL prepended by your GitLab user name (see below)
  • In Username, use your GitLab username

During the first push, you will be prompted for a password. It is your GitLab password.

Which URL to use?

Note: gitlabusername@ added before git.


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