Tiny Tiny RSS

Tiny Tiny RSS is a great self-hosted RSS reader. While it may not run smoothly on a shared hosting plan, it runs absolutely perfectly on a small VPS.

Tiny Tiny RSS is great used in conjonction with Feeder: it centralizes YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. (and RSS of course!) in one single place. It's like Inoreader, but with more powerful features, more flexibility, a better interface, a larger ecosystem and a much smaller price tag.

  • Tiny Reader: developed by Pascal Pluchon on his spare time, it's the fastest Tiny Tiny RSS client on iOS. It also support a lot of ttrss specific features, like the Special feeds
  • Fiery Feeds: slow to sync if you have a lot of feeds, but quite powerful (especially if you have a lot of feeds, or high density ones)
  • Reeder (through the Fever API plugin)
  • Unread
  • tiny Reader, a great (and free!) app by Pascal Pluchon
  • Use the web interface!
  • Reeder and ReadKit (through the Fever API plugin)
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