Agent-based Computational Economics (ACE)

Expanding economic theory with computational tools to explore new research questions. ACE is my main research area.

See the anoucement for this wiki here.

If you are an economist working with agent-based models and also on Twitter, I suggest to use the hashtag #CompEcon to reference tweets related to ACE.

You can also have a look at the ACE posts on my blog.

ACE is gaining more and more traction, but is still not considered as “mainstream” yet. For this reason, young scholars interested with the metholodogy may feel quite isolated, or may have no idea where to look for.

The goal of this wiki is to help them find relevant information and resources on ACE.

  • A Twitter thread where I briefly summarize the paper “Schumpeter meeting Keynes: A policy-friendly model of endogenous growth and business cycles” (also featured in a blog post)