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Nowadays, email is a key tool. In this page, I offer a large overview of my setup, exploration, and so on.

Email is basically made of three things: a provider, a client and a bunch of tools. In many instances, the frontier between those three things is blurry.


Provider Technology Recommend Self-assessed knowledge Why? Details
iCloud IMAP No 5 Silently discard emails Silently discard some “spam” emails, and the support cannot retrieve them
Gmail Gmail No 4 Privacy and non-standard Non-standard technology + perfect if you want your emails to be read by Google Exchange No 3 Non-standard Non-standard technology (Exchange)
Office 365 Exchange Yes 4 Great for collaboration Overkilling if you just need one email address
Gandi IMAP No 4 Bad deliverability Some of their servers are blacklisted, which means your emails can be received as “spam”
FastMail IMAP No 5 Great service, but the anti-spam is a disaster Despite being in touch with the support, I couldn’t get a working anti-spam
G Suite Gmail No 4 See below

For G Suite: YouTube (owned by Google) is a platform for hate speech against LGBTQ people and I don’t want my money to support this kind of company.