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Nowadays, email is a key tool. In this page, I offer a large overview of my setup, exploration, and so on.

Email is basically made of three things: a provider, a client and a bunch of tools. In many instances, the frontier between those three things is blurry.


ProviderTechnologyRecommendSelf-assessed knowledgeWhy?Details
iCloudIMAPNo5Silently discard emailsSilently discard some “spam” emails, and the support cannot retrieve them
GmailGmailNo4Privacy and non-standardNon-standard technology + perfect if you want your emails to be read by Google
Outlook.comExchangeNo3Non-standardNon-standard technology (Exchange)
Office 365ExchangeYes4Great for collaborationOverkilling if you just need one email address
GandiIMAPNo4Bad deliverabilitySome of their servers are blacklisted, which means your emails can be received as “spam”
FastMailIMAPNo5Great service, but the anti-spam is a disasterDespite being in touch with the support, I couldn’t get a working anti-spam
G SuiteGmailNo4See below

For G Suite: YouTube (owned by Google) is a platform for hate speech against LGBTQ people and I don’t want my money to support this kind of company.